The Next Steps

Welcome to my webpage. Here you’ll find information about the two great passions in my life – The Feldenkrais Method® and The Young Walter Scott Prize. These two disparate things come together under one heading – Learning. The Feldenkrais Method® is a framework for a highly personal exploration of life and living. It is not a cult or anything like that, it is way of understanding how we move through life, literally. We learn because we move – the people, events and things of our world draw us on through our lives. The path that we steer may not always be certain, or safe, but the way we steer the path can be more or less satisfying, allowing us to grow in satisfying and interesting ways. Feldenkrais is a way of building confidence in our ability to take the next step and to deal well with the consequences of it! The workshops, classes and individual lessons that I give open eyes, minds and bodies to a different, creative way of being filled with astonishment at how resourceful a human really can be.

The Young Walter Scott Prize has occupied my thinking for three and a half years. It builds on my previous work in the theatre and in developing creative learning programmes for young people. It asks young writers to get out and explore their historical world – in honour of the first great writer of the Historical Novel. First and foremost it is an innovative writing competition, with a first prize of £500, but it offers much more than this to young inquiring minds.  Since 2015 I have been growing a UK-wide workshop programme – the Imagining History programme – for teenage writers of all kinds. Young writers of fiction, poetry, or drama, creators of graphic novels, animation, or live-action films are invited to join professionally-guided workshops that introduce them in real-time to their real-life historical world, with all the events and stories attached to it.

Click on through my page to find out more about me and my work. If you live in Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders, South Suffolk or North Essex – you might like to explore The Feldenkrais Method® for ways in which you can improve your moving and thinking. If you know of young writers  who might be passionate about exploring their history, you might like to explore The Young Walter Scott Prize and offer it as an inspiration to them.


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