The Feldenkrais Method®

About my work as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Dr Moshe Feldenkrais’s truly innovative re-thinking of how we move through our lives.

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Between 1997 and 2001 I trained at the International Feldenkrais Federation training centre in Berlin, under Dr Mark Reese and a team of international trainers . Since graduating the programme, I have taught classes and individual sessions in this innovative way of body-working in Scotland, England, Finland, Austria and Poland. I divide my Feldenkrais working time between Edinburgh and the East of England.

Between 2001 and 2013 I was Tutor in Feldenkrais at London Contemporary Dance School, and between 2006 and 2015 I was visiting tutor in Feldenkrais at the Polish Institute for Choreotherapy in Poznan.

Post lockdowns, I am leading my practice mostly online – holding classes and one-to-one lessons hosted by my own company (, Dancebase in Edinburgh, and the 7th Sense Centre in Mumbai. However, I have begun tentatively to lead in-person classes on a limited basis – one per week at Dancebase in Edinburgh, and occasional workshops at Penny Jones Pilates in Ipswich. For more information, head to

The Feldenkrais Method® grew out the desire of its founder Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) to understand more about how human movement could in the best way serve a person’s desire to live well and achieve their chosen goals with ease, comfort and satisfaction – no matter how simple or complex those goals might be.

The difference that makes the difference

My practice focuses on illuminating the simplest kind of creativity in everyday life in our movement. Awareness of of movement supports and inspires us to find a greater sense of adaptability, resilience, self-confidence and solution-finding . The Feldenkrais Method® uses guided movement in group and one–n-one situations to alter our bodily sense of ease, comfort and satisfaction by exploring our movement. Improving our awareness of how we move and beginning to understand the full range of the movement choices open to us changes the way we understand ourselves, the way we describe ourselves to ourselves. Our image of ourself changes. We can do things differently. Moshe Feldenkrais would say that he is talking to the Nervous System through the body’s movement. Through simply moving in a more efficient, comfortable, effective and therefore satisfying way, the fundamental concept of living becomes more creative – expanding the phenomenon of satisfaction in many-dimensional ways.

Participation in learning

The Feldenkrais Method® introduces an atmosphere of guided self-absorption into the river and clatter of life . You are encouraged to identify what it is that you can do now and go on from there to expand your movement repertoire.

Over time this creates a revolution in the way you think about the things you choose to do. For this reason, the Method is of use to anyone who feels that they could do more. The desire to learn and achieve more of our potential is not limited to social or occupational status. Everyone can learn something different. In the same Feldenkrais® class you might find a runner of olympic standard, a golfer, an elderly person, a young musician…

Re-thinking space

People usually come to The Feldenkrais Method® after a period of searching for a ‘something’ that can’t be found elsewhere, or to add something different to the pattern of their living. The decision to come to a class or book a Functional Integration session is the next step in their search. The cognitive philosopher, Gregory Bateson writes of the difference that makes the difference. The Feldenkrais Method® teaches us to recognise such differences and to revel in how different we can feel.

Practical philosophy – a moving pathway to regenerative thinking.

The Feldenkrais Method® is a branch of practical philosophy. It is a way of thinking through doing that recognises that the route to change in our world at whatever level lies in developing greater understanding and insight in how we react to it. With the help of classes and one-to-one sessions that make everyday life much much more interesting, we come to recognise more clearly who we are in our everyday living and we create subtle changes for ourselves.

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